Did the canopy of your gazebos wear out recently? Wear out canopy makes the gazebos useless as it cannot protect you from rain, scorching sunlight, snow. So, are going to through the gazebos away and but a new one?

Well, you always have the option to buy a new gazebo. But it will be expensive and won’t be so environmentally friendly. So, we think this won’t be so thoughtful. Have you ever thought of buying a replacement canopy that fits your gazebo’s frame?

Garden Winds has brought varieties of replacement canopies to fit your gazebo’s frame. We will review The Garden Winds Replacement Canopy for the Pinehurst Dome Gazebo.
Garden Winds Suitable Replacement Canopy for the Pinehurst Dome Gazebo
This replacement canopy is perfect for your Pinehurst dome gazebo. But Alas! If you have an OAKMONT GAZEBO then, it won’t fit its structure.

It is famous among the users for these special features-

Double Riplock Technology:
Double-walled high tensile string gridlines are designed to stop rips from spreading further. It helps to double the strength and durability of the canopy. So this canopy does not quickly become prone to wear and tear.

Ultra specific and durable stitches:
Reinforced four-ply stitching thread provides positively pulling strength. So the canopy can bear premium pulling during installation.

High-performance pockets:
The pockets are of dual-layered and featured with three ultras stitched at the end of each hem. It helps prevent the dura pockets from bursting when installed on the pavilion’s metallic pillars.
Anti- rip fabric:
350 Denier polyester fabrics are used to make this canopy, and this unique feature is responsible for the ceiling’s sturdy appearance. Thus, your outing structure can cope up with any small natural blow due to weather change.

Outstanding ultra violates protection:
The canopy fabric is fabricated with ultraviolet protection factor 50+.

You can now enjoy a sunny afternoon picnic in your yard without being tensed about the scorching sun rays.

Are you tensed, thinking about what you will do if rain starts pouring out while you are enjoying quality time with your family under gazebos? Don’t panic.

This replacement canopy is highly water-resistant. Its extreme seam strength made the product more favorable.

This canopy is specially made for the Pinehurst dome gazebo. Check your gazebo’s model number. It is mainly a garden winds replacement canopy 10×12.

Durable and long-lasting.
CPAI-84 fire retardant.
Color: Beige whisper.
Weight: 6 pounds.
Final verdict
If you are confused that which canopy will be suitable to fit your garden winds gazebo frame, you can ask for help from garden winds customer service at any time. Send the model number or the picture of your gazebo, and their experts will let you know which replacement canopy will be suitable.

The warmth that it provides, painless installation procedures, cost-effectiveness, and sturdy features make the garden winds universal replacement canopy more acceptable. So why are you still wait? Plan for an outing under your gazebos and enjoy the time with your dear ones.