A gazebo has been standing in my backyard since last fall. Until this September, it has experienced gusts, heavy snowfall, unpredictable rain, not to mention regular specks of dust and dirt. A complete layer of dust, dry leaves accumulated on the rooftop, mildew developed on the pillars.

It was high time I cleaned my gazebo. But the problem was, “How to clean gazebos?” As it was my first time using a Gazebo, I lacked knowledge in this sector.

Seeing the critical condition of my gazebo, I searched for some tricks and DIY hacks to clean it. Here I will share some easy and straightforward ways for cleaning different types of the pavilion. Feel free to utilize the technique based on your gazebo’s type.

Techniques to clean pop up gazebo tents

A popup gazebo can be used throughout the year. So it gets dirty more often. Use the following steps to clean it.


  • A soft bristle broomstick.
  • Soap solution
  • Detergent
  • Bucket
  • Water
  • Sponge

For regular cleaning

  • Dust off the soil particle, dry leaves, and other loose dirt from the tent with the help of a broomstick.
  • Mix a cleaner with water until a nice foam is generated.
  • Thoroughly soak a sponge into the soapy water and apply it to the tent.
  • Wait for five minutes and rinse off the water.
  • Wait until the gazebo tent air-dries.

For stubborn spot removal

  • Dust off the dirt like you did for regular cleaning.
  • Use a strong cleaner like – detergent, car cleaner, etc. and dilute it in water.
  • Take a scrubber or a brush and dip it in the solution.
  • Gently rub the grime in a circular motion.
  • Rinse the tent with cold, clean water.
  • Remove the excess moisture using a clean towel.
  • Ensure that the tent is well dried before further use.
  • Besides, clean the gazebo frame with a wet sponge.


  • Do not use any acidic or alkaline, or other potent cleaning agents.
  • Do not use an electric scrubber. It goes too harsh on the fabric.
  • Avoid scrubbing the stitch area.
  • Do not directly apply hot water to rinse off the soapy solution. Then the color might fade away.

Techniques to clean a polyester gazebo tent

Some people want a waterproof gazebo to enjoy on a rainy day. The polyester gazebo is the best option to serve the purpose. But mildew appears more on the pavilion than loose bags of dust and dirt. Let’s check some steps to remove mold and clean this type of gazebo tent.


  • Mild cleaning agent
  • Broom.
  • Water.
  • Bucket.
  • White towel.
  • Sponge
  • Any light pressure washer or hose
  • Gloves
  • Mask
  • Vacuum

Method to remove mildew

  • Safety issues come first. Wear any old cloth with long sleeves. Put on your gloves, mask, and goggles to avoid contact with spores.
  • Ensure that the gazebo gets sufficient sunlight.
  • Sweep off the mildew using a broomstick.
  • Use a vacuum with a filter to consume all the spores.
  • Mix a mild detergent with water or create a foamy soap mixture.
  • Dip a porous sponge in the solution and rub gently on the fabric in a circular motion.
  • Leave them under the sun for 2-3 hours.
  • Apply a mixture of rubbing alcohol or vinegar and water in a 1:1 ratio to remove mold smell.
  • Pack it after a couple of hours.

For regular cleaning

  • Dust off the dirt with a broom.
  • Make a sudsy solution of mild detergent and warm water.
  • Dip a brush and gently rub the spot on the canopy.
  • Remove the soap water residue with a dry white towel.
  • Repeat the third and fourth steps as per the requirement.
  • Dry the canopy completely.


  • Take safety measures to prevent the inhalation of mold spores.
  • Do not clean in a washing machine. Then rigorous washing causes the polyester canopy to absorb some water. Thus it does not remains waterproof anymore.
  • Do not apply hot water directly.

Techniques to clean a canvas gazebo canopy

It is best to clean your gazebo before the winter starts. It helps remove all the dirt it gathered through the summer and exhibited a new look in the snowy winter. Check out these DIY tricks to clean your canvas gazebo canopy.


  • Mild detergent.
  • A fine bristle broom.
  • Sponge.
  • Water.
  • A clean white towel.
  • Hose

Methods of cleaning

  • Put mild detergent and warm water in a bucket and mix until it studs.
  • Using a brush, apply the solution to the black stains of the canopy.
  • Gently scrub with a sponge without being hasty and remove mildew.
  • Blot the spot if needed.
  • Repeat the process until adequately cleaned.
  • Wipe off the excess cleaning solution from the canopy with a clean towel.
  • Wait until the canopy dries completely.


  • Too strong a cleaning agent may destroy the smoothness of the palm.
  • Be careful from mold spore inhalation.

Final verdict

It is good to clean your gazebo once every two months. By regular clean, I meant removing dry leaves from the rooftop, sand particles, and other debris from both the canopy and structural frame of the gazebo. Do not forget your precaution while cleaning the pavilion. Do not stand on the roof while cleaning with soapy water. Soapy water makes the surface slippery, and it is easy to slip from the top and encounter and fracture or other injuries. So, is this article helpful for you? We would love to know your perspective.