Do you want to experience a sophisticated and comfortable outdoor experience in your arena? Then Kozyard Alexander Gazebo will help to enhance the beauty of your yard and amuse the visitors.

Kazyard Alexander Gazebo is an outdoor structure that allows you to spend some quality time with your friends and family underneath it. Not only that, its elegancy entertains guests and helps to develop an environment to attend any meeting from the house.

This gazebo is a hardtop gazebo. So it is more solemn and permanent. It is not portable as a soft-top gazebo but popular among the user for its sturdy features and less required maintenance. Follow the tips in this buying guide for choosing the Gazebo for High Winds within a limited price range:


Kozyard Alexander Hardtop Aluminum Permanent Gazebo

The Kozyard gazebo10”x12” is suitable for any style of the patio, and when installed, you can enjoy many years in the sun in your ward. But why is this gazebo is one of the best picks of Alexander?

  1. Frame :The frame is made of a 4.7″x 4.7″ triangular aluminum stand pole. The thickness of the aluminum is absolutely what made it sturdy. This dark brown colored aluminum frame is rustproof and much bigger than the standard bar.But under the scorching sun, you might feel hot due to the dark color and conductive heat feature of aluminum.


  1. Size: The interior of the gazebo is spacious enough to set out six seated dining table. The 10”x12” dimension of the gazebo measures from eave edge to eave edge.Even if you have a large, you easily accommodate underneath it and have a pleasant conversation. Moreover, you can check the Kozyard Alexander gazebo 12″x20″, Kozyard Alexander 12″x16,” etc.


  1. Water gutter design: Advanced water gutter design is the eye-catching feature of the gazebo. During heavy rainfall, rainwater follows the pole’s course, then the edge frame, and finally to the ground.So, all your goods do not get wet in the rainy season.


  1. Sturdy roof: Gazebos with canopy are prone to damage during the mild climate. But the roof of the Kozyard Alexander gazebo is made with galvanized steel and renders unbeatable stability to the structure.


  1. Stable anchoring stand:The anchoring stand is suitable for any floor because of its three pre-drilled holes. The stands stand firm and bear the weight of the whole pavilion.


  1. Mosquito net:If your area is full of mosquitoes, then hang the mosquito net to enjoy a bug-free evening. Premium quality PBV- coated polyester Mosquito net comes with the product. So you do not need to buy it beforehand.


  1. Sidewall:The sidewall of the gazebo is pretty open and allows proper air ventilation. But to maintain privacy, curtains are hanged on the sidewall.


  1. Installation :Well, the installation is a bit complex, but following the proper Kozyard Alexander gazebo assembly instructions, you can the gazebo at home.My husband and I assembled the gazebo in 7 hours. However, it is a tiring job, but not impossible. Do check the Kozyard Alexander gazebo assembly video on YouTube.


  1. Load capacity: As it is an outside structure, the material of hardtop gazebos should be of premium quality. Whether in heavy rain, excessive snowfall, the pavilion must be able to take the load. This gazebo can carry a load of up to 2500 pounds.

Final verdict

Maybe this is what you need for a social outing. The gazebo is manufactured after considering your demand and all square need. However, it is tricky to install but glamorous to use. So, what type of gazebo do your prefer for your yard?