Are you bored with the four walls of the house? Go out and spend some quality time with your near and dear ones. Why not install a shed if there is any rain, heavy snowfall, or even protection from the burning sun.

Can you guess what I am about to write? Viola! You guessed it right. Yes! It is a gazebo. A gazebo is an outside shed installed in a garden or any open place to give you a wide view of the surrounding.

Some gazebos are permanent, and some are portable structures. Generally, permanent gazebos are term as hardtop gazebos. These gazebos are sturdy and last long. In contrast, soft-top gazebos through potable in any beach, valley but vulnerable to damage. Don’t Forget to checkout gazebo for high winds Reviews.

Sunjoy Chatham steel hardtop gazebo is the best hardtop gazebo of Sunjoy. We will review this gazebo today.

Sunjoy 10×12 Chatham Steel Hardtop Gazebo

Sunjoy Chatham steel hardtop gazebo is a premium quality stylish gazebo that adds an exquisite look to your yard. It is what you need to host a party at night outside the house. Moreover, you can set it over a hot tub.
Is this all it got? No. Some unique yet very useful features raise it to popularity.

1. Frame: This frame was built with a view to last long. 10″x12″ aluminum and powder-coated steel are used to manufacture the frame. The frame remains rust-free even after many years due to its construction materials.

2. Roof:The expensive canopy illustrates the glamour of the gazebo. It is well ventilated. So you can always breathe in the fresh air. The rooftop is stout and durable that it can stand up gale-force winds.

3. Mosquito netting:A mosquito netting screen is added with this product to keep the bugs away. So, if you are a locality disturbed by bugs often, this pavilion is suitable for you.

4. Installation:You can install this Sunjoy gazebo following the Sunjoy Chatham gazebo instructions. But it is difficult for you alone to accomplish the task.Last summer, I bought this pavilion as an outside shed for my new house. I took a strenuous effort of seven hours for me, my husband, and my son to install the gazebo. We were tired but satisfied with the final look of the gazebo.

While installing the gazebo we found that it required less time and energy to set the roof on the frame directly rather than fixing it on the ground first and then on top of the roof.

The gazebo comes with some extra screws and washers in case you lose any. Though the instructions seemed hieroglyphics to us, we loved it so far.

5. Durability:This hardtop gazebo 10×20 is quite durable. But if you reside in a heavy snowfall area, consider cleaning the roof regularly to release the heavy load from the top of the gazebo.

Final verdict:

If you are in a hurry to set a gazebo in your yard, you can get this one. It is shipped quickly. Though we have reviewed the Sunjoy Chatham gazebo, there are many other Sunjoy gazebos. Let us know which one you prefer and why.